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Professional Financial Consultants and An online stock market platform

Who we are:

Our three focused areas:
* Daily trading calls (85% accuracy since inception)
* Swing trading, Investment period typically from couple of days to 2 weeks
* Portfolio of best stock picks for long term investors.

CometoCash is a Government registered research and technical analysis firm, where in we listen, understand & create i.e
- we listen to your financial problems
-we understand your goals &
- we create a bespoke investment plan.

Our in-depth market research has a unique approach that ensures the longer term exposure is at a lower calculated risk level while our shorter term trades limit the exposure and only enter at high probability time-frames. With our years of experience in the financial sector, there is no substitute for the range of knowledge and expertise that keeps our portfolio return rate above the average (mid to low risk) mutual fund return as well as our overall market signals accuracy above 85%.

Our goal is to provide three different trading strategies to all of our clients. The “intraday/daily trading signals” are for short term traders. Our next expertise comes in the form of “Swing Picks” which helps people to earn 10 -15 % over a period of time, typically ranging from coupe of days to 2 weeks. And our final service provides value investing for our long term investors for whom portfolio is being designed which is governed by robust market research & technical analysis

Our entry into the market arena was based on an experiment on a group of individuals to whom we provided daily trade signals and additionally ten stocks with strong enough fundamentals for an investment period of a year. This allowed our followers to maximize their daily returns & to position their portfolios on track at their own discretion – with minimal premium charged by us. We maintained a profit of around 10-12% in intraday trading & in long term investment, we not only maintained a return of above 25% that year, but we accomplished this with a lower than average risk approach.

Over the years, we have broadened our longer term investment approach to also incorporate shorter term trades for those subscribers wishing to follow our swing picks & intraday signals. Swing picks, which are typically held from a day up to two weeks, have returned a positive win rate of over 85%. Although these swing picks are stock based, they are also optionable. Therefore, by using the leverage of options, the return on each trade is dramatically increased. For example, if we show a buy signal for HDFC @ ₹1000 and our target is ₹1020, using options could have a rate of return of up to 100%+ depending on which strike price and option contract is used. On the other hand, our daily/intraday picks have generated returns of 8-10% consistently with minimal risk.

The market tools used in our trade decisions are the highest rated professional tools. These tools provide a visual element to where the positive or negative volume is increasing as well as targets for where price is likely to either stall or reverse. Whether you want to use our services strictly for annual market portfolio management without the high cost of using a money manager – or if you wish to gain insight for short term trading, our service would benefit any level of trader or investor desiring to be profitable in the markets. Making consistent profitable trades is our goal. We hope you decide to follow our lead.

Who are we?

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